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Improved Business Efficiency
Delivery to fax, email, file, printer, archive, database or any other destination accessible by the system.

Individual Document Customisation
Complex documents can be designed simply and customised to individual taste. Intelligent subject lines, names, signatures, pictures and icons can be added, or individual messages attached to any document.

Text and Graphic Substitution
External files containing text and graphic data can be inserted at run-time, allowing departmental changes without redesigning the form.

Identification and Splitting Properties
Fast and accurate identification and generation of multiple documents using a single stream of data. Following identification, FTSplit allows data to be split and delivered to the correct document.

Graphical User Design Interface
Easy-to-use programs eliminates the need for complex and extensive training.

Comprehensive Data Conversion
Transformation of information such as part numbers, serial numbers and dates to barcodes and use of MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for cheque printing. Also features support for multiple languages (eg. Spanish) and facilities for use of various currency formats and types.

Uniquely Tailored Letters
Letters customised to personal taste including ability to include individual signatures, names, titles and subject lines as well as graphics and logos.

Improved Business Efficiency
Increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff, and reduce your document delivery costs, by utilising FormTraps automated fax and email delivery mechanisms.

Multiple Language Support
Full Unicode character support means that your customers can understand your documents no matter where they are in the world. FormTrap allows you to consolidate all your document management across all boundaries of geography and language.

Remote Administration
Administer your FormTrap system from anywhere in the world, at any time. FTSpooler Enterprise is ideal for IT managers on the go.

User-level Job Tracking
Empower your users to track all of their electronic documents, including job resubmission. FTSpooler Enterprise allows you to put the responsibility in the users’ hands, freeing up IT staff resources.

Full Colour and True Type Fonts
Make your corporate brand stand out from the crowd! Use FormTrap to produce exciting full colour documents, using your own corporate logo and even custom fonts, and email them directly to your customers.

Archiving Capabilities
Maintain short-term records of all your outgoing documents with FTSpoolers archives, allowing document tracking and, where necessary, quick resubmission upon delivery failures. Meanwhile, use the FormTrap Archiving Module to replace your filing cabinets for fully-searchable long-term storage of all your documents.