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OMR Design & Print (formerly FLIPS-OMR)

Absolutely the BEST Form Designer for for OMR and Handprint data capture

Now you can produce a variety of customized surveys, tests and other data capture documents right from your laser printer. Just point and click to place responses, text and graphics instantly on the form. The form can then be printed right on your desktop and is ready to scan. FLIPS also has the ability to go "straight to press" by creating color-separated plates for your custom form needs. A great new feature that saves you time and money.

Forms for Every Use

FLIPS is like having your own on-call print shop specializing in low volume custom forms printing. Now you can print a variety of forms to assist you in all of your daily activities. Skills and performance assessments, customer surveys, time and attendance tracking forms, and much more can all be printed right from your PC.  Better still, incorporate data directly into your forms  from a spread sheet or your data base, even represent numbers as barcodes or marked responses (preslugging) as you print your forms.  Used widely for every day applications like Meals-on-Wheels, where the choices vary every day and the persons filling in the forms are pre-identified.

Forms Design Made Easy

FLIPS combines the simplicity of point and click desktop publishing with a full array of powerful editing tools to make your forms creation more effective. Just select between grid, text, and graphic insertion tools and position and size the objects to your exact specifications. Along with its easy-to-use interface, FLIPS offers a wide variety of tools to enhance the aesthetics and usability of your forms. Whether you're using a portrait or landscape layout, importing logos or other graphics, or changing the font or its color, the flexibility of this program gives you endless possibilities.

Forms Customization

Complementing FLIPS powerful array of editing tools is a convenient database merging feature. This feature allows you to merge data from a database onto your form. With merge fields embedded in your form, you can customize each form to display the details for a specific individual. You will find this to be an essential tool when distributing and collecting surveys and tests.

Forms Validation Without the Expense

FLIPS is an efficient way to design forms because its easy-to-print quality allows you to preview your form before committing to the final design. You can validate a form before it reaches your audience by printing a small quantity on your printer, distributing them among a sampling of your audience, modifying the design based on feedback, and then printing the final form. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Select FLIPS. It’s the most efficient, economical and flexible way to create the form you need. Every time.