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Built on a platform of producing reliable and robust software, FormTrap Solutions Pty. Ltd. (formerly TCG Information Systems) has an impressive reputation for service and support. Our team of creative, tech-savvy experts hold a passionate belief in the importance of open and responsive communication with our customers.

The revised naming indicates the majority of our effort and revenue comes from FormTrap, and we are truly expert in print, email, HTML Email automated output from reliable always-running FormTrap Servers.

FormTrap Solutions is proudly Australian. Formed in 1978, the company has been heavily involved in developing world-class printing and barcoding solutions for 30 years. Based in Sydney, Australia, FormTrap Solutions now has well over 1000 customers in all parts of the world, including the United States, Asia and Europe.

Our flagship product, FormTrap has a strong pedigree born from a heritage of well-established printing solutions. First released in 1993 and designed to accept print data from almost any application on any platform, FormTrap initially and to this day supports ERP and similar systems.

From Version 8 (2013 release), the product handles any input text file, including text files derived from PDFs, as well as input XML files and is eminently suitable for insurance, wealth creation and banking solutions as well as ERP and similar.

From 2014, a cheap ($US 150 per seat per year) and very effective data entry solution called Quick Data Entry using the same technology (as well as stand alone) addresses any standard email, any standard letter, on-the-job, no network instant data capture with PDF outputs, non-system forms and many other data capture and form production needs. 

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