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Success Stories

FormTrap has had resounding success in both the business and government sectors. Find out how FormTrap is used in specific environments from these articles. Stand out from the crowd! Your brand is everything in today's highly competitive marketplace. Your image must be highly visible in everything you do and your documents are no exception. FormTrap projects your image to all your customers and business partners. Distinguish yourself from the pack!

NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative

The NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative needed a way to distribute specialised payment and delivery information to their growers efficiently and automatically.  With faxing and emailing facilities, and a level of formatting that makes the clear ...


Slow and inefficient printing had been an all but accepted issue in the business operations at the Langdon Group's Australia and New Zealand based offices before a switch to QAD's MFG/PRO led them to explore FormTrap as an alternative solution. The results were more than merely satisfying, they have revolutionized the way the company thinks a...

Scholle Industries

Upon implementing BaaN as their ERP solution, Scholle Corporation quickly discovered that while it did offer native reporting, BaaN was not capable of including the logos and company address details important to conveying the appropriate image to their customers.

The Australian division of the company, Scholle Industries in Adelaide,...

Gosford City Council

"If only all software support was so good!"

says Alison Woodward, Project Officer e-Commerce of Gosford City Council, who recently implemented FormTrap to solve one problem and soon found it could do a whole lot more.

With a lot of unproductive time...