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Success Stories

FormTrap has had resounding success in both the business and government sectors. Find out how FormTrap is used in specific environments from these articles. Stand out from the crowd! Your brand is everything in today's highly competitive marketplace. Your image must be highly visible in everything you do and your documents are no exception. FormTrap projects your image to all your customers and business partners. Distinguish yourself from the pack!

Pentair Water Quality Systems (Update, April 2018)

Pentair was one of the original sites sold by USA resellers PICS way back prior to 2005 (we do not have CRM records prior to then), and have been running quite contentedly on a Small Business Edition with a printer fleet of 45 printers.

In April 2018 they updated to the Enterprise Ser...

Insurance Company of the West Indies (updated January 2018)

Insurance Company of the West Indies have been customers since 2001, yet we’ve never been there or met them, but have good “Mates” at ICWI.

ICWI are using recent features of For...

Manulife Insurance (Malaysia), updated December, 2017

Manulife (Malaysia) contacted us in mid 2015 with a searching set of questions surrounding IBM outputs and FormTrap’s ability to handle what were all-...

Rogers Group (QAD, USA), April, 2018

Roger’s Group was sold by reseller PICS USA in May 2017 and uses QAD as it’s ERP.  Roger’s increased printer count in October, 2017 and added FTForm Plus in November 2017.  The site has interesting Work Orders comprising a parts list and operat...

Cate Equipment Group, Inc. (April 2018)

Cate Equipment are a long term FormTrap user with their ERP being Solutions (formerly NDS) (press

Sunshine Sugar (updated April 2018)

The renamed Sunshine Sugar continues to use FormTrap and in April 2018 added 5 printers for a new total of 23 printers.  FormTrap co...

Scholle Industries (updated 2017)

Update in 2017

Scholle are moving forms to Version 8 and are still delighted with the product, used across all of their markets (we are uncertain if this is used in China and o...

Xylem Water, Inc. (updated January 2018)

Xylem Water, Inc. as a customer resulted from the sale of the then ITT Water Divison (FormTrap user for many year) to Swedish conglomerate Xylem in mid 2011. The ITT copy was duplicated with one copy retaining existing sites in India and China while the new copy utilized FormTrap for US operation...

Central Coast Council (updated April 2018)

What is below was written way back in the late 200x's and most of the comments are still just as relevant. In 2018, the now amalgamated Central Coast Council (Gosford plus Wyong) continues to use FormTrap for it'...


Update 2018, Langdon's are still using FormTrap and are off support for both FormTrap and QAD.  We did get a query this year, and replied by pointing out Landon's were not supported.