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Version 8 Release Notes Mon, 9 Apr 18

Version 8.15, FTForm Plus with FormTrap Server 8.15, December 2017

Changes to the PCLXL (PCL6) routines to cover for changes in HP's PCLXL routines where all older printer versions operate, however the HP LaserJet 4xx dn printers no longer handle FormTrap PCLXL output for download fonts (eg Arial) which are resident fonts.  These under the new HP Code Base are rejected by the printer (Customers, see also article on this in the KB, keyword code base).  This change allows PCLXL files to operate with the new HP printers.

Extended formula to allow inter-field comparisons in Layout rules.

Dialogue boxes allow fast selection of field names for records with 20 or more fields (speed of design change).

Additional attention to help linkages.

Version 8.14, October 2017

Case normalization is provided allowing Lower, Upper and Title cases in the XML conversion from text or from XML files.  Title case is relatively poor and you will need to test this to view the limitations and to verify it does what you want.  

Version 8.13, September 2017

FTForm Plus provides user controls over highlighting and transparency of text objects and non-selected layers in Form view.  On certain computers, data in non-selected layers was illegible, this allows selection of  colors and transparency levels .  Additional manual references are provided.  This release improves the user experience, however does not impact functionality. 

FormTrap Server replaces the prior (Version 2) FireBird with current (Version 3) and is a transparent change. Associated changes via new program DBSetup allows change to the FireBird password(s) and user-changing of the FireBird DB location.

Other changes (such as allowing for later versions of Exchange "throttling" of emails) are included.


Version 8.12, August 2017

FTForm Plus and Server changes that allow variables to have their values sourced from Lookup entries.  Used initially to save the GST Rate outside the forms for QDEs and for forms calculating GST from a constant value in Formula.  This change allows the same form to be used in multiple countries where VAT/GST is different.  We stored two values: 

GST rate which is multiplied by the ex-GST value (10% for Australia, 2018).

Rate which is multiplied by the GST-inclusive value to back-calculate the GST component (9.090909% recurring for Australia, 2018)


Version, June 2016

These changes were defined and added for customer with complex delivery requirements determined from data and provided:

Multiple rules for delivery tags (similar to layout text objects)

Allows BodyText delivery tag to quote relative path name as well as absolute path name

Other changes:

Inclusion of HTML Email with PDF file in one email (via an application)

Inclusion of TLS/SSL Emails (HTML Email with PDF via Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other third-party email systems).


Version 8.10, November 2016

Inclusion of HTML Email into Designer.

This enables publishing to your web site - for example, copies of invoices, renewals, contracts etc. for clients to view via the Web (you'll need the web site to let users get at their documents) but also promotions, competitions, testimonials etc.

Inclusion of objects in lookups via their [master/FldName] handles, allowing populated clauses in HTML Emails, contracts etc., see HERE). This with QDE provides the Email Express facility in FormTrap.


New Processing tab Option for insurance contact printing where clauses are taken from lookup:

-x strict produces an error message and stops that document being published where any lookup does not return a value. This was suggested by Manulife where occasionally not all lookup entries are in place when a new product (paper contract) is released. This stops processing on the new product until all items are found.

Versions 8.8 and 8.9

Major change to allow Layout objects to split across a page boundary, required for lengthy Insurance contract clauses, useful for Serial Numbers and long objects in business forms.

8.9 was an almost immediate bug fix to the above.

QDE Release into Documentation

The full Quick Data Entry Tutorial and updated Data Entry manual was released 1st May 2015.


Version 8.7 - Quick Data Entry

This adds a new input document type to FTForm Plus called QDE. This is used by a sold-per-seat routine to generate FormTrap XML which is directly submitted to FormTrap from seats on PCs, including tablets. Program is also stand alone producing PDF forms then uses Adobe to print, email and store.

A QDE-only version of FTForm Plus is available at a greatly reduced price.


Version 8.6 - Technical Improvement for Super-Sized Files

These changes were technical in nature and aimed at improving performance at a bank where total transactions for the month are run through FormTrap to archive to a third-party archiving system. Volumes are in 000,000 of documents per input file, of which there are many.

This job is on-going, however we were able to chop time by a factor of three and are working on improving that further.

The second consideration is clearing the FormTrap working archive as times where the system is completely idle, hence deletes can be done are few and far between. This is ongoing.


Version 8.5

Version 8.5 is the first "Review" change and consolidated the separated "Edit" icons into one group that is constant in the top menu. The former "Records" group is removed and group menus simplified.

Other changes include ability to copy and paste Formulas, Variables and Delivery Tags.

These elements are copied only where any fields they rely on are present in the destination record.

We changed all references to "template" to "data file" as templates are used for model forms, whereas data file is always the input data.

This version included these major changes:

Ability to treat a detail as an Explicit Group Header for information that heads following details

Ability to designate "Redundant" areas and have those removed from the Data (text) display

Indented and justified paragraphs from Lookup entries

MailDoc and PrintDoc Delivery tags (V7 associated file entries) allow additional documents to appended to output.  MailDoc adds documents to Emails, PrintDoc adds print ready documents to print output.