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Lower Business Costs

Delivery to Printer(s), Email (including full HTML email), fax or E-Fax, archive or any other destination accessible by the system. Transfer to Emailed PDF delivery will by itself pay for the system if you currently mail paper documents. Transfer to HTML Email for Web self-service and selling saves thousands in labor and reduced competition (it it's easy and quick, a large proportion of customers will do it immediately).

Individual Document Customisation

FormTrap-supplied standard documents are customized to individual taste (or you can build your own from scratch). Intelligent subject lines, names, signatures, pictures and icons can be added, or individual messages attached to any document, including selling messages.  File names may include document data,
FormTrap  Invoice 17889 dated 2018-02-30 against PO 788562.pdf and are automatically archived in multi-level folders that self-generate such as accounting year/month/customer - any data may be used in document folder and file names.

Text and Graphic Substitution

Text and stored graphic data is inserted at run-time from the Lookup.xml file, allowing your individual companies with their different logos and names in one form. Full contract and other inserts are available that "look-up" from a short phrase or code value. Product names on quotes go from an unintelligible, abbreviated shambles to how your web site describes a product (with missing full product names reverting to your ERP system description).

Identification and Delivery

Fast and accurate identification and generation of multiple documents, even from one input file, which once recognized are processed via the correct FormTrap document form and output to any of the FormTrap outputs.

Simple User Interface

One easy-to-use Client program eliminates the need for complex and extensive training, the Small Business Edition uses EXACTLY the same screen and manual with the Connection option missing. FormTrap Server training is less than an hour, hands-on via the Web - if you need it.

Comprehensive Data Conversion

Transformation of information such as part numbers, serial numbers and dates to barcodes and use of MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for check printing. Also features support for Asian languages (sites in PRC, Japan, Korea), support for European and other currency formats as well as date formats and types and translation of day and month literals from one language to another.  

Cheaper Document Delivery and Automation of Incoming Tasks

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff, and remove your document delivery costs, by utilizing FormTrap's automated email delivery mechanisms, including full HTML Promotions with NOTHING else to open. This extends to (for example) full HTML delivery of vehicle insurance renewals, with most tasks and selling directed back to the web site for hands-off satisfaction of clients and fast, simple (hence non-competitive) renewals.

Multiple Language Support

Full Unicode character support means that your customers can understand your documents no matter where they are in the world. FormTrap allows you to consolidate all your document management across all boundaries of geography and language.  
Run in one language and deliver to many.

Current, Utilizes Windows Server 2016, in a VM if Required

Use current Windows servers, with FormTrap fully up-to-date with Windows modifications to SMTP conventions under MicroSoft Exchange. FormTrap runs with your current (Windows 10) and past operating systems (back to Vista and Server 2008).

Remote Administration

Administer your FormTrap system from anywhere in the world, at any time. FTSpooler Enterprise is ideal for IT managers on the go and for distributed organizations who can monitor their part of the business (and only their part of the business).

User-level Job Tracking

Empower your users to track all of their electronic documents, including job resubmission. FTSpooler Enterprise allows you to put the responsibility in the users’ hands, freeing up IT staff resources.

Full Colour and True Type Fonts

Make your corporate brand stand out from the crowd! Use FormTrap to produce exciting full colour documents, using your own corporate logo and even custom fonts, and email them directly to your customers. Color-code the frames, company details and background on forms so POs are different from Invoices are different from Credits are different from Quotes etc.  FormTrap allows 
colors on individual characters so you can make the background description text differently from data.  When printing, if you choose B&W there is no cost penalty while your emailed and archived documents are vibrant color.

Uniquely Tailored Letters

Letters customised to personal taste including ability to include individual signatures, names, titles and subject lines as well as graphics and logos.

Bar Code Capable

Use FormTrap to replace BarTender or other bar code software and do the lot from the single FormTrap copy. We mean what we say, if you have a bar code that FormTrap does not support, we'll include it at the next release.

Use QDE (see later) for casual bar code production direct from user-keyed requests.

Archiving Capabilities

Maintain short-term records of all your outgoing documents with FTSpooler's archives, allowing document tracking and, where necessary, quick re-submission upon delivery failures. Meanwhile, use the FormTrap File option (included) or FormTrap Archiving Module to replace filing with fully-searchable long-term storage of all your documents. FormTrap's Archive can be used by any of your other software as well.