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Scholle Industries (updated 2017)

Update in 2017

Scholle are moving forms to Version 8 and are still delighted with the product, used across all of their markets (we are uncertain if this is used in China and other Asian languages, but know it works as we have customers in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand).  Scholle have a Global License, allowing them to install unlimited copies of FormTrap anywhere within their group.  The remainder was written circa early 2000's.  

Upon implementing BaaN as their ERP solution, Scholle Corporation quickly discovered that while it did offer native reporting, BaaN was not capable of including the logos and company address details important to conveying the appropriate image to their customers.

The Australian division of the company, Scholle Industries in Adelaide, knew that they needed to find a quality forms solution to this problem, initially employing two software packages: JetForm and Access.

However, both were too cumbersome to operate and support. The JetForm Software was too complex to understand and it needed a lot of time to support

says Abdul Abdalla who was keenly involved in the project. Abdul further adds that the requirement that any modifications needed to be reflected on each Access client was quickly becoming a strain on their information systems resources.

When they heard about FormTrap and its ability to deliver facilities to meet their requirements, Scholle became excited by the prospect. Their implementation was a great success:

It has been almost a year now since FormTrap was implemented and from the BaaN users point of view it was great news. Once the software has been installed on one server, it is easy to administer.

Just as importantly, the integration with BaaN was seamless and transparent at the user level. Says Adbul:

The fantastic thing is the integration with BaaN, since the user who is in BaaN prints the FormTrap reports directly from BaaN as if the report was generated by BaaN and has no idea what goes behind the scenes!

After the success of the FormTrap implementation at Scholle Industries, US parent Scholle Corporation soon adopted FormTrap as their forms package. With nineteen sites spread across the United States, Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, it was important for Scholle to find a solution that could be standardized across their entire Packaging Division. FormTrap has proved to be quick and easy to implement, as well as being a sound solution for their needs.  A Global Licence was purchased, allowing Scholle to implement as they see fit.

From the invention of the bag-in-box package over 40 years ago to the introduction of aseptic filling technology, metallized plastics, pouches, flexible shipping containers, marine salvage devices and battery electrolyte, Scholle is at the forefront of innovation in flexible packaging. Find out more about Scholle here (