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Update 2018, Langdon's are still using FormTrap and are off support for both FormTrap and QAD.  We did get a query this year, and replied by pointing out Landon's were not supported.

Slow and inefficient printing had been an all but accepted issue in the business operations at the Langdon Group's Australia and New Zealand based offices before a switch to QAD's MFG/PRO led them to explore FormTrap as an alternative solution. The results were more than merely satisfying, they have revolutionized the way the company thinks about printing and delivering their documents.

Since implementation, the staff at Langdon has reported a significant improvement in the entire printing process. Feedback from the New Zealand office has been particularly good:

Since the change over, the operation here in NZ has increased quite considerably. Since the change over with the printers this week, we are totally amazed at the speed in which pre shippers and invoices are printing to our printers. Our down times have decreased quite dramatically and it is quite comforting to know that we will now receive a printout. For the first time here in NZ we feel that our computer system is now a user friendly - WORKING system. Thanks to everyone concerned.

Barry Cummings, Chief Financial Officer at Langdon, had this to say about their FormTrap installation, noting in particular the comparison with one competitor's forms package:

I just wish we'd gone with FormTrap in the first instance - it's so much quicker and easier than Paris. We can print an invoice in New Zealand in seven seconds, compared to almost four minutes with Paris!

FormTrap has done more than just improve printing efficiency for Langdon. Thanks to the emailing and faxing capabilities, they have been able to greatly reduce their paper usage and intend to use the facility to further reduce their reliance on printed documents, both internally and externally.

Barry also cited the ease with which forms can be designed and maintained as another key benefit of FormTrap, allowing the company to be more self-reliant, something they were unable to do in their previous environment. Furthermore, Barry describes the FormTrap support staff as having an "excellent response, especially very quick", echoing the sentiments of the growing number of happy FormTrap users.

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