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Pentair Water Quality Systems (Update, April 2018)

Pentair was one of the original sites sold by USA resellers PICS way back prior to 2005 (we do not have CRM records prior to then), and have been running quite contentedly on a Small Business Edition with a printer fleet of 45 printers.

In April 2018 they updated to the Enterprise Server and FTForm Plus for new features and functions, updated over a weekend and running their existing forms with exactly the same reliability FormTrap has provided ever since circa 2004.

The new features of FTForm Plus will be added as Pentair decide what forms to develop or to migrate and what to simply leave "as is". PICS will continue to provide their expert advice and consulting knowledge to maintain Pentair's status quo of "business as usual".

PICS are USA-based resellers of FormTrap products, with 30 installations (at April, 2018) specializing in support for QAD sites. See their web site here (