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Central Coast Council (updated April 2018)

What is below was written way back in the late 200x's and most of the comments are still just as relevant. In 2018, the now amalgamated Central Coast Council (Gosford plus Wyong) continues to use FormTrap for it's requirements with Email largely replacing Fax. The staff at CCC have mastered FTDesign and while being encouraged to move to FTForm Plus remain with what they have zero issues with.

If it ain't broke, don't replace it.

"If only all software support was so good!"

says Alison Woodward, Project Officer e-Commerce of Gosford City Council, who recently implemented FormTrap to solve one problem and soon found it could do a whole lot more.

With a lot of unproductive time spent by staff printing and manually faxing purchase orders and remittances, Gosford City Council began looking for a way to automatically deliver faxes from their system. FormTrap was chosen as it presented the best value for money solution and, as Alison soon found out, it:

was installed very easily and the impact on the user is minimal.

So minimal, in fact, that the process of automatically faxing documents is as simple as selecting the FormTrap printer. Add to the reduction of wasted time the benefit of lowered printing costs and FormTrap has already started paying for itself.

The benefits, however, didn't stop there. Gosford City Council now had the ability to produce more attractive and readable forms where once they had no control over output at all. As a result, they have since added invoices and statements to their list of FormTrap-produced documents and are still looking to expand their usage of FormTrap across other sections including the production of supplementary rates notices. Of FormTrap's flexibility, Alison has this to say:

The advantage of FormTrap is how easily it can be adapted to output from any application, and the minimal changes staff need to make to use the product.

Although Alison notes that problems have been minimal, like many FormTrap users she has been pleasantly surprised by the promptness and professionalism of the FormTrap Support Team.

The assistance provided by [support staff, particularly] Kien [Nguyen] has been excellent. Emails are always answered promptly and any changes [to forms] are always done very quickly - if only all software support was so good!

Central Coast Council is the busy hub of the Central Coast of New South Wales, north of Sydney. Find out more about CCC by visiting