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Success Stories

NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative

The NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative needed a way to distribute specialised payment and delivery information to their growers efficiently and automatically.  With faxing and emailing facilities, and a level of formatting that makes the clear presentation of important information simple, FormTrap was clearly the best of the available solutions.

FormTrap is now an essential part of the business and is responsible for the formatting and delivery of many of their documents, both internally and in communication with their customers and suppliers.  Senior Accountant David Wood is quick to point out that by streamlining document flow with quality formatting, particularly purchase orders, FormTrap has proved a valuable investment.

Invoices, purchase orders and remittance advices are faxed or emailed directly to the recipient, automating the delivery process and saving both time and money.  Work orders are produced from the engineering maintenance system before being sorted and directed to the appropriate work areas.  In a testimony to the flexibility of FormTrap, the business documents are produced by Renaissance, an ERP that runs under OpenVMS on an Alpha server.

Wood identifies price and usability as the primary factors behind the selection of FormTrap.  The return on that original investment continues today:

We recently changed to printing cheques [through FormTrap] at significant cost savings.

NSW Sugar Milling have long been willing to push the boundaries with FormTrap.  One of the first customers to openly adopt the use of the substitution facility, the Cooperative uses one set of forms to cater for five sites across two different companies, all with different address details.  But their innovation doesn’t end there:

We are looking at capturing data entered through our intranet and using FormTrap to format and direct completed documents, for example, First Aid records which are widely circulated.

Such innovative use ensures the products future with the company and shows once again that there’s much more to FormTrap than just boxes and logos.