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Cate Equipment Group, Inc. (April 2018)

Cate Equipment are a long term FormTrap user with their ERP being Solutions (formerly NDS) (press here to view the Cate HTML page).  Cate’s initial purchase was way back in 2008, based on a recommendation from the now defunct Tractor Equipment Sales and the system has remained unchanged since (although updated to new versions and new Windows Operating Systems – however firmly in FTDesign forms). 

In 2014 a new set of invoices forms (including different formats for different invoice types) were produced at FormTrap in an endeavor to get Cate into the FTForm Plus version, those while interesting were never adopted.  In early 2018 Cate Equipment were looking once more at FormTrap with this comment from Kaleb Ellis:

Email, 3rd April, 2018:

Looking forward to working with you Paul.  I REALLY want all these related projects to finally get completed!

I think it’s a great testament to your product…no matter how used or abused…the damn thing continues to work flawlessly.

Talk to you soon.

Kaleb Ellis
Systems Manager
Cate Equipment Group