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Insurance Company of the West Indies (updated January 2018)

Insurance Company of the West Indies have been customers since 2001, yet we’ve never been there or met them, but have good “Mates” at ICWI.

ICWI are using recent features of FormTrap to modernize their business, reduce time and effort by making it drop dead simple to renew, removing delivery costs (print and postage) and facilitating access to their online system to remove labor. Renewal contracts are embedded in a full HTML email with optional sections that point back to the ICWI web site for information, renewal and the selling of new business.  

Online renewal prompted by the full HTML Email makes it very simple to renew and often avoids competition in the account.

The PowerPoint on ICWI is here with a full HTML page on Insurance generally available here.showing contract formation, HTML Email and health insurance letter production. All up we have more than a dozen insurance companies using FormTrap, extremely successfully.

Insurance Company of the West Indies web site is here (