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Manulife Insurance (Malaysia), updated December, 2017

Manulife (Malaysia) contacted us in mid 2015 with a searching set of questions surrounding IBM outputs and FormTrap’s ability to handle what were all-courier letters to health insurance customers, especially new customers and prospects, output to the printer selected by the user at that time. The letter contents were not able to be modified as these come from their computer system. Manulife is a subsidiary of John Hancock Insurance (Canada) we assume the origin of the letters is there.

FormTrap had to recognize different formats and form a new letter using proportional fonts, justification, good-looking headings and footers with logos on plain paper.

Manulife started production in January 2016 for correspondence, then quickly found an additional 30 letters to compliment the 50 or so they had designed. The system runs with zero issues and Manulife is self-sufficient.

See the PowerPoint on Insurance Letters here or the full web page on Insurance here.

FormTrap believes the entire letter set can be just the one form and have designed a general purpose form to cover all letter requirements. That has not been tested using the full set of letters at Manulife, however FormTrap are confident that will work just fine ...

Manulife also contributed to FormTrap with their request for a OPTION that treats a document as unsuccessful where a lookup fails (the IT Manager's reasoning was new contracts may not yet have all of their clauses in the lookup file and this would catch new contracts where the infrastructure had not been updated or was in error). The manual page for this is here, look at OPTIONS, then specific option xstrict

Manulife Malaysia has it's web page here: (