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FTSplitDef (obsolete)

This is an obsolete product, supported for Windows changes only with no functional improvements planned. These functions are included in FTForm Plus, allowing most forms to be processed in a single FormTrap Server queue and allowing mixed forms in a single input file. 

The main purpose of FTSplit is to provide and implement rules for identifying data as it is received by FTSpooler. Once identified, data can be associated with a specific form or may be redirected to another queue for further processing, typically to be formatted using a different form. Such a need is common in situations where FormTrap is being used to process a large number of varied documents, which would otherwise require the creation of multiple FTSpooler queues. FTSplit also has the ability to split a batch run (multiple documents delivered as one print stream) into individual documents. After the print stream has been split into separate documents you can take advantage of alternate delivery methods such as faxing and emailing.

FTSplit allows you to identify data, split that data into separate documents according to your user-defined rules and even allows you to remove unwanted pages of data such as the summary details from the batch.