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Formtrap is multi-tier document management system that operates in unattended mode, normally as Windows service. Its consists of four layers: input data capture layer, business logic layer, presentation layer, and the back-end database. 

Below is the short description of its core layer - business logic:

  • Business intelligence (BI). This is first step and it responsible for incoming document identification and routing. BI means FormTrap recognizes the type of incoming document (invoice, contract note, etc.), extracts all relevant data from it for further processing and decides how it should be delivered with it's recipients.

    BI is based on pattern recognition in the original data. Pattern recognition is a very flexible tool and can be used to identify constantly changed elements such as e-mail address, fax no, etc.

  • Document formatting. This is second step of the process and it is responsible for presenting data extracted by BI in various formats - PDF, PostScript, PCL6 and HTML. The required form is also derived from the BI process - depending on method of delivery different types of documents may be produced. For example PostScript or PCL6 for printing, HTML and PDF for e-mailing, and PDF for archiving.

  • Automated delivery. This is final step in the document management process that allow properly formatted documents to be printed and/or e-mailed and/or faxed and/or archived. The delivery destination such as e-mail addresses, faxes or printers are derived from the BI step.

Enterprise Edition

FormTrap Server runs on Windows Servers (back to Windows Server 2008) as well as Windows 10 (back to Vista) for standard Windows computers..  

FormTrap internally allows logic expressed as Regular Expressions to assist in controlling data extraction with internal arithmetic based on a Parser for presentation and formatting.  FormTrap provides replacement of data with entries from FormTrap's lookup table (one copy of your company details used in all forms, code expansions, conditional replacement of abbreviated product descriptions with full legible descriptions, full contract paragraphs with multi-indents and full HTML pages inclusive of HTML formatting commands).

FormTrap Server operations and history is run from program FTClient, multiple FTClients allow users to view sub-sections of the FormTrap Server and the FormTrap Server continues to run, whether or not FTClient is present.



Small Business Edition

Document management is not just for the big end of town. FormTrap caters for everybody, even small businesses. All your formatting and delivery needs can be met with one simple package with the same facilities as FormTrap Server, but as a Windows Program, not a Server.  


Linix Programs

Linux programs have the same functions as FormTrap Server, however do not extend into delivery.

These programs are intended for resellers who are also authors of their own product for an all-Linux environment with Windows capabilities for exceptional formatting as any of PCL6, PostScript, PDF and HTML outputs, exactly equivalent to Windows Server.